Haiti Soleil has developed a six-point program focus to achieve its mission, vision, and objectives. This six-point program ensures a global perspective to understanding, and engaging with, local communities in Haiti.

Arts and Literacy for a Better World

Promotes literacy and visual arts through literacy and art projects that reinforce positive attitudes about education and innovative activities designed to bring visual arts and literature to the youth and the public at large.

Technology for the Future

Collaborate with institutions, schools, companies, and organizations to provide young Haitians with access to computers, electronic sources and training in new technology.

Global Exchange for Cultural Diversity

Advances projects that provide young Haitians and those interested in Haiti with the opportunity to participate in cross-cultural exchanges with others all over the world to develop a more international and global perspective.

Friends of Haiti Program

Work with elementary, high school and college student organizations, and other youth organizations to educate students about Haiti, involve them in the ongoing efforts of Haiti Soleil and connect them with young Haitians in Haiti with similar interest, goals and dreams.

Youth Program

Targets youth in Haiti between the ages of 6-18 to develop positive self-image and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Physical and Mental Health

Physical and Mental Health Fosters physical and mental health education activities in the libraries and museums Haiti Soleil develops to enhance physical activity and promote healthy habits in children’s lives.